About Us
Gallery Eclectic opened its door in Notting Hill Gate in June 2003. It brought a new wave of trendy Tokyo culture with the cafe providing Japanese sweets and the gallery exhibiting works by both established and emerging Japanese artists. ‘Eclectic’ demonstrates its purpose to show the diversity of the world.
In 2010, we moved to Marylebone High Street and have specialized in Japanese pottery since then. We have been seeking to introduce to London the work of Japan’s most interesting and up-and-coming ceramic artists.
All our artists and their one-of-a-kind pieces are thoughtfully selected by the gallery director Asako M, a Goldsmiths MA graduate and former editor-in-chief of Bambi London-Tokyo magazine.
We represent 18 ceramicists, 1 kintsugi artist, and 3 visual artists. All of our artists live and work in Japan.Our aim is to introduce the way we Japanese people enjoy pottery culture in everyday life.
Many people think of ‘art’ as something to be put on the shelf or the wall to admire. Most of the pieces we offer are handcrafted, exclusive ceramics as well as functional such as plates and vessels. We believe that people get much more enjoyment from these pieces by actually using them in their daily life.
Today, ‘fast’ products are likely to occupy high streets and our life. We appreciate today’s modern life style, but we also would like to suggest the importance of a balance between convenience and quality of life for a real affluent way of living.
Speed and quantity do not always equal beauty or wealth. Each of our artists’ works is a unique piece of art produced after many processes, and they are results of a number of artistic experiments. All the time and effort devoted to create one piece of tableware or vases make it very special for the person who owns and uses it.


Our Name

The name ‘Eclectic’ was given to us by Masanobu Kondo, former executive manager of Def Jam Japan at Universal Music, and current representative director of V4 Inc.
Mr. Kondo suggested the name as he believed it was a word that fits perfectly with our ideas and goals of bringing an artistic world of Japanese culture to a London audience.
Mr. Kondo has made a number of legendary contributions to the Japanese music scene, and has brought happiness and excitement to many Japanese music fans. Through discussion and helpful advice he has helped us shape and refine what we want to achieve through our business. The gallery’s name is, for us, a crystallisation of such a precious process.
Our hope is that the gallery will continue to deserve its namesake ‘eclectic’ through all our future creative endeavors and events.


Our Logotype

The logotype of Gallery Eclectic was designed by Dainippon Typo Organization. It is a unique bilingual logotype, which can be read both as ‘ECLECTIC’ (English Alphabet) and as ‘エクレクティック’ (Japanese Katakana).
It’s shape and colour are inspired by pop-culture elements in Japanese contemporary art, and reflects the innovative approach of Gallery Eclectic and its products.
Dainippon’s playful approach to design is at the heart of Gallery Eclectic’s beliefs: encouraging people to use and enjoy handmade art pieces that have an integrity of materials and design.